Blog 13th to 22nd August 2019

Unit of Inquiry

Fawns commenced their first unit under the Transdisciplinary Theme – Who we are.

Central Idea: We explore who we are through our senses.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Identification of five senses
  • We use each of our senses to learn and explore
  • Our feelings

Students were taken for a nature walk wherein they observed their immediate environment and inquired using their five senses. Later, they were engaged in an activity in which they sorted picture cut-outs of the things they saw. They identified things such as school clock, birds, aeroplane, squirrel, fishpond, kites flying in the sky, school gate.A mind map was created which included the student anecdotes that drew attention  to the sense of sight.

Circle Time

As a part of Early years skill-building programme and  integration to the Learner Profile attributes, moral values were reinforced by the facilitators using role-plays depicting different social scenarios. These included – saying ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, greeting one another politely; the importance of being ‘principled’ and ‘caring’ was also undertaken.

Discussion on Independence Day was undertaken. Students were shown audio visuals related to the facts and information of the festival. They enjoyed singing and enacting a patriotic song, ‘Nanha munna raahi hu’.

A sponge dabbing activity was also done wherein students crafted the National flag in their art file.

With ‘Rakshabandhan’ coinciding with  Independence Day and ‘Janmashtami’, being celebrated over the weekend, students were explained the importance of festivals and rituals and ceremonies associated with them. Later, they loved watching audio-visual stories related to the festivals. Students ardently participated and engaged themselves in craft activities related to the festivals.


Language was integrated with Art, where reinforcement of sound ‘a’ was done. Students coloured within the outline of the sound ‘a’ and pasted pictures associated to the sound such as astronaut, apple, and ant.

Students actively sung the rhyme, ‘5 senses’ thereby integrating the unit of inquiry.


Math was integrated with Art, where reinforcement of the shape ‘triangle’ was undertaken by making a fish using various triangular shape.

Students were involved in an interesting learning engagement of sorting various class material like pompom balls, toy fruits, colour pencils and beads according to the different colour coded trays.

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

Students were introduced to emotions like happy, angry, sad and surprised with the help of emoticons, role-play and songs for this helped them to label what they were feeling. Understanding their feelings and accepting their emotions is the first step towards learning to regulate them.

Motor skills

Students eagerly took part in building a tower using the Montessori pink cubes arranging them from biggest to smallest by size. Stacking the cubes, thus helped in developing visual skills of discrimination, coordination and precision.

Physical Education

Students learned different terminology used during physical training like in, out, up, down, turn, hop, bend.


Students identified and named the different musical instruments kept in the music room. They also sang ‘Choti-Choti Jeevan Gaadi’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘Insy-Winsy Spider’.


Dance lessons focused on basic steps where students showcased fine and gross motor skills.  The concept of dancing statue was also reinforced.


Students learned to colour the cut out of a circle by moving their crayons in a circular motion. This helped to develop their pincer grip and hone their fine motor skills. The circles will be used to create a bird.


The students listened to the story ‘Elephant’s Pyjamas sleepover has never been so silly!’ It was a hilarious animal story written by an award-winning children’s author, Michelle Robinson. 

Elephant was invited to a pyjama party and he could not wait to be a part of it. There was just one problem, he did not have any pyjamas. Poor elephant searched everywhere but it only resulted in embarrassment as nothing could fit his enormous body. As he was about to give up, his friends got together and sewed just the right sized pyjamas, so he could attend the fun filled party.

The story focussed on terms like friendship, care and unconditional love.

Free play

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