Blog-9th to 13th Sep 2019

Unit of inquiry

To further reiterate understanding of the olfactory sense, students sniffed to compare pleasant from unpleasant smell with an activity. Students were asked to smell  a lemon leaves, basil leaves, rose petals, baby talc, a tube of winter cream, a bottle of body lotion, an onion, garlic cloves, some stale vegetables, and a banana peel. They were then asked to sort various pictures under the headings ‘pleasant or unpleasant odour’.

For the refinement of their olfactory sense, students were asked to smell different things contained in jars, for this helped to differentiate between odour and fragrance. They then used their sense of smell to sort and pair pleasant fragrance and unpleasant odours.

A formative assessment based on visual and auditory senses was taken with a sorting activity. Students were given cut-outs of pictures in a mixed pool (like guitar, bell, rattle, fish, rainbow etc.). They used their thinking skills to segregate the pictures and paste them under correct heading.

Circle time

As a part of Early years skill-building programme, social grace and courtesy lessons were demonstrated by the facilitators with the help of a role play. The role play depicted different social scenarios which included – saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, greeting politely, using handkerchief while coughing/sneezing and politely interrupting a preoccupied person using ‘excuse me’; for this helped the students to build upon their social skills and self –esteem.

Students were introduced to ‘pegging’ clothes on a wooden stand, for it aimed at enhancing their pincer grip and concentration.


The sound ‘m’ was introduced using picture cards and objects from the class environment.

Language was integrated with art with a mouse creation. Students printed within the outline of letter ‘m’ through a sponge dabbing craft, while reinforcing the phonic sound ‘m’.


The concept of seriation from big to small was reinforced with a sorting activity, wherein students were given various objects which they arranged from big to small.

Reinforcement of estimation and counting was addressed using the technique of visual subitizing.

Students were also introduced to the positions ‘up and down’ through an activity wherein they were taken outside and asked to observe objects in the sky and on the ground. They also climbed up and down the staircase, as a fun activity to comprehend the concept better.


The students explored the printing technique and the colour green. They created dots on a cut out of a circle through finger printing.

Physical education

Students learned some basic yoga poses and practiced stretching exercises, for they aimed to improve their overall wellbeing. Yoga develops physical flexibility and muscle strength, initiates coordination and concentration.


Students were given an opportunity to sing individually on the microphone. They sang ‘Old Mc Donald’ and ‘Insy-Winsy Spider’ in English and Hindi. The also played a steady beat using the shakers.


Dance lessons focused on development of directions. Students practiced identical movements on both sides using different music beats. The posture of jazz hands was also reinforced.


Students were read Anupa Lal’s Hindi story, ‘Mere Palang ke neeche’. The story about a young boy who used to wake up at night to drink water made interesting reading. One night, he imagined some strange things lurked under his bed thereby feeling scared. He called his mother as he thought that there was a tiger under his bed. His mother saw and pulled out the tiger, after which they got to know that it was his jacket with tiger stripe print. The story concluded with the boy wearing his jacket while going for a jungle safari. The story taughtstudents to be fearless and courageous.


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