Blog-16th to 20th Sep 2019

Unit of inquiry

Moving further with the unit on senses, the gustatory sense (sense of taste) was explored using various  solutions intended for tasting. Students were given an opportunity to taste four basic flavours: sweet (Roohafza), sour (lemonade), salty (butter milk) and bitter (decaffeinated coffee solution).

A formative assessment based on olfactory sense was taken with a sorting activity. Students were given cut-outs of pictures in a mixed pool (like a dirty water closet, garbage bin, incense sticks, rose etc.). They used their thinking skills to segregate the pictures and paste them under correct heading.

Circle Time

An interesting learning engagement was undertaken, wherein they had to pick  a greeting of their choice like, ‘a hi five’, ‘a fist bump’, ‘a hug’, ‘a handshake’, ‘an elbow bump’, ‘thumbs up’, ‘perform a jig’. This cheery morning activity helped in encouraging positive interactions between students to grow into  responsive individuals.

As a part of Early years skill-building programme, social grace and courtesy lessons were reinforced by the facilitators, for this helped to build social skills and self–esteem amongst students.

As an extension to familiarising them to Montessori Brown stairs and Pink cubes, construction of a wall was introduced to the students by using the  material. Students observed and then made a wall using various combinations, for this helped in enhancing their thinking skills.

SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

The concept of relating thoughts with behaviour was introduced to the students with the help of a role play which was followed by showing a ‘Story bot’ video. Later, they brainstormed on how can they feel better if they feel sad about something. They tried to make a connection between their actual feelings and how they responded, for this helped them to inculcate a deeper sense of self awareness.


Reinforcement of the sounds ‘a’, ‘o’ and ‘m’ were done using sand tray, audio-visuals and phonic songs.

Language was integrated with Art, wherein students pasted pictures associated with the sound ‘m’ – monkey, mango, mop, mask, mat, mouse, mushroom, milk and mittens, for recapitulating the sound.

As a part of vocabulary enhancement, students learned the names of basic tastes like sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

Unit of inquiry was integrated with language, wherein students enjoyed listening to a story about the little koelfinding his song, written by ‘Kunal Kundu’. The story was presented using props and an audio-visual tool. Students learned about the chirping sounds made by different birds.


The Montessori material ‘Drawing insets’ were introduced to the students to hone directionality while holding the pencil. They practiced tracing 2D shape triangle using the triangle inset. Further, they coloured inside the triangle to hone their pincer grip.

Students were introduced to the concept of few and many, using various objects from the classroom, which was followed by viewing of a power point presentation. A fun activity was carried out where they had to stick cut-outs of a flower on three different baskets. These baskets with flowers were a pictorial representation of few, many and none; for this helped in understanding quantification.

Math was integrated with the unit of inquiry, wherein students tasted various drinks like roohafza, lemon water, buttermilk, and decaffeinated coffee solution and identified the taste as sweet, salty, sour or bitter by using their gustatory sense. Later, they created a ‘Pictograph’ by pasting pictures to represent the taste that appealed to them and moved towards analysis of data from the graph.


As students are in the process of exploring the shape ‘circle’, fingerprinting was done on the shape to  craft a tree.

Physical education

Students learned the handstand. As handstand is technically a weight bearing exercise, it will help them to strengthen their bones, spine, shoulders, arms and wrists and their overall muscle development. They were also involved in different types of rotational and stretching exercises.


The students sang ‘Insy-Winsy Spider’ in English and Hindi. They also explored various instruments in the music room and learned their names. 


Dance lessons focused on development of motor skills where students practiced coordinated jumping on different music. The use of a hoopla hoop while dancing was also introduced to them.


To mark the birthday of much loved children’s author ‘Julia Donaldson’, students were read one of her popular books titled ‘The Detective Dog’. The story is  a fast-paced celebration of books, reading, libraries and the relationship between a little boy and his rather special dog.

There was once a dog with an amazing sense of smell who was known far and wide as Detective Dog ‘Nell’. He used to live with his master Peter. The dog’s ever-sniffing nose was always hard at work solving mysteries and finding all of Peter’s lost toys. But Nell had other talents too. Nell, the dog used to go to school  every Monday with Peter to especially listen to the stories being read. One day when they arrived at school, they noticed that all the books in the classroom had been stolen. Luckily, Nell, the detective dog got on the job to sniff out the lost books. It used his sniffing powers to find out the culprit who apparently was a book lover too. At the end, the thief was taken to the school library to sit and read numerous books. This suspense-filled drama, written in rhyming sentences, builds on the joy that books  bring. The sudden entry into a library filled with the smell of hundreds of books waiting to be discovered is an apt reminder that public libraries should not become relics of the  days gone by but must be visited for the love of reading.


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