Blog 17 – 2nd to 6th December 2019

Unit of inquiry

Moving further with the central idea, ‘People play different roles in communities to which they belong’, a chef/baker was introduced as a community helper. Students were shown various tools and utensils used by the chef for cooking or baking of products. Later, students were introduced to new vocabulary words like spatula, rolling pin, dough, mixing bowl, chopping board, small bowls to keep chopped vegetables, knife, peeler, pizza slicer, and grater.

The students also observed  fenugreek seeds that they had sowed a few days ago and were thrilled to see sprouting saplings. They expressed their desire to sow more seeds and brainstormed about various tools used by other community helpers.

Students were shown a video on how chefs work in the kitchen at a big hotel.

They donned a chef’s hat  for a non-flame cooking activity and decorated savoury and sweet cookies with their choice of toppings, for this helped in enhancing their creative and fine motor skills. They used a spoon to spread chocolate syrup and sprinkled colorful M&M’s, or placed a cheese slice over the cookies.

Circle Time

As a part of the early years’ skill-building programme, the current unit focussed on the use of tools handled by the chef in a kitchen.

  • Eye hand co-ordination was enhanced by using a rolling pin to roll dough
  • Sorting skills were intensified by sorting cutlery
  • Gross motor skills were enhanced by using a whisker to mix ingredients and using a pasta machine to roll out fettuccine.

They assembled and embellished a Christmas tree using manipulative materials while showcasing the symbolic colours of the festival

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

Students were shown an audio-visual presentation of the kindness boomerang again.

Students identified the deeds of kindness and tried to follow them. They could relate visually to acts of kindness being displayed like letting someone precede them by joining  a line, thanking someone who helped them, complimenting someone, helping mom at home by keeping back their toys, giving food to a street dog etc. Students also began to make a kindness paper chain in class. They were encouraged to inculcate these practices regularly to grow into mindful and compassionate individuals.


Sound ‘f’ was introduced with various picture cards and objects from the class environment. They associated the sound with various picture cards and learned new vocabulary words like fan, fire, football, fish, fox, fire truck, fireman, frog, fruits etc. Further, they pasted pictures related to the sound on a paper cut-out of letter ‘f’. Reinforcement of the sounds ‘a’, ‘o’, ‘m’, ‘l’, ‘i’, ‘s’ ‘b’ ,‘h’, ‘g’ and ‘c’ were done using an audio-visual presentation and phonic songs.  

Further, students reinforced the vocabulary words by associating learned words with the carpenter, gardener and doctor.

As a part of media literacy, students were shown the following audio visuals to further their understanding about community helpers

  • Peppa pig gardening
  • Calliou the Chef
  • Calliou makes meal


Recapitulation of measurement concepts was undertaken by exploring the concept of volume, size and capacity. They were provided with different measuring cups and same sized bowls. They poured rice into the bowls with the help of measuring cups and observed the similarity between containers and the difference in the level of rice in each bowl. Subsequently, they observed and compared results.

Numbers 1 – 6 were reiterated along with quantity association, wherein students counted the number of tools carried by the gardener and various classroom material.

Light table was used for reinforcing the concept of shapes, where students placed colourful pebbles on the outline of different shapes.

Recapitulation of different types of lines – straight line, curved line, zigzag line and swirl was undertaken with a racing activity. Students took turns to race with toy cars on the tracks made of shiny tape.


Art was integrated with Math, where students coloured within the outline of number 6 and its quantity association.

Art was integrated with English, where students painted flowers and pasted them as a craft activity, for this helped in reinforcing sound ‘f’.

By relating to a gardener, students coloured a pre drawn watering can and pasted crushed paper on it.

Physical education

Students were engaged in different types of obstacle races to strengthen their lower body, for this helped them to learn the basic skills of walking and running.


Students sang ‘Jingle Bells’ with actions in English and Hindi in groups. They also sang ‘I Love You’, ‘Choti-Choti Jeevan Gaadi’ and ‘Hello How are You’.


Dance lessons focused on development of postures, where students practiced repetitive movements to music. The concept of meditation and cooling down were also reinforced.


Visualizing extraordinary in the ordinary is what the children learned and felt during this week. A story narration of ‘Do You Believe in Unicorns?’ written by ‘Bethanie Deeney Murguia’ was undertaken. The story about the mystery of a red hat on the horse’s head encouraged students to imagine and find reasons to why the horse had a red hat on its head. The book included fabulous illustrations where the horse was shown disguised, with wet hair etc. A horse who wanted to be away from the Sun, who forgot to brush his hair made for a good laugh among the little ones. Finally, at the end when the hat came off, students wondered what creature could navigate hornlike grass, slender towers and sharp mountain peaks. Throughout the narration, learner profile of being a thinker was emphasized.

Free play

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