Blog – 16th to 21st December 2019

Unit of inquiry

People play different roles in communities to which they belong’, saw students being introduced to the policemen this week as persons who help us. They were familiarized with their uniform and objects associated with them e.g. pistol, handcuffs etc. with picture cards and an audio visual

Young Fawns were also informed that in case of emergency they must recall number 100 to call the police.

Students were familiarised with the housekeeping staff at school, who help and support them in their daily lives.

Students were sensitized to be responsible and thankful to all the community helpers. Relating to it, they expressed their gratitude by creating ‘Thank you’ cards for them.

To further deepen their understanding about how  firefighters help us, students were taken for a field trip to a nearby fire station.Before the trip, a split-screen activity was undertaken, where  students were asked few questions related to firefighters. e.g. what will you find at the fire station, which community helper would you find there etc. As an extension to the activity, each student reflected and shared their understanding and experience after the field trip.

Circle time

As a part of the early year’s skill-building programme, students were introduced to napkin folding and cleaning activity (with napkins, brush and a dustpan) for this aimed to enhance their self-management skills, eye hand co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Ringing in the spirit of the festival, students assembled and embellished a Christmas trees made out of  manipulative material.

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

Students connected their learning to mythology, when they listened to a  story from the Ramayana. They identified the actions of Lord Rama, where he was shown to be kind and compassionate towards a squirrel who helped him in constructing the Ram setu. Students also discussed the resilience of the hardworking squirrel, who never gave up and continued to work harder even though others made fun of its contribution.

With reference to the chain of kindness that was done in the previous week,  kindness king and queen crowns were created by students in recognition and as motivation for their acts of kindness.


Sound ‘p’ was introduced with various picture cards and objects from the class environment. Students associated the sound with various picture cards and learned new vocabulary words like police, police station, pig, paint, peacock, pet, pen, pine tree, packet, panda, pumpkin, pillow, pink, pounding etc.

Reinforcement of the phonic sounds ‘c’, ‘i’, ‘g’ and ‘f’ was undertaken with a mixed pool game of picture cards. Students identified the pictures and associated them with sounds.

Unit related vocabulary (names of all community helpers like doctor, policeman, fire fighter, gardener, chef, housekeeping, carpenter, sweeper etc.) were reiterated with the help of pictures and story narration from books. 

Students developed effective communication and listening skills while presenting ‘Take and talk’ too.

Language was integrated with the unit of inquiry, when they were read a story ‘Dan the fireman’ authored by ‘Gill Guile’

As part of media literacy, students watched the following audio-visuals-

Students enjoyed audio visual presentations on Christmas and have begun to sing Christmas carols.


Numbers 1 – 6 were reiterated with quantity association game, wherein the students were assigned a random number (between 1-6), they first identified the number and picked up the embellishments (like miniature bells, stars, drums, candy canes etc.) while counting the number assigned to it.

Prewriting skills were strengthened with the use of Montessori metal insets in various geometric shapes.

Math was integrated with the unit of inquiry with students creating a pictograph by pasting their own picture on a community helper they wished to become as adults in the future.

Sequence of events in a day (morning, afternoon, evening and night) was recapitulated using flash cards.


Art was integrated with English with a craft activity where paper cut out of leaves and google eyes was stuck on a panda outline to help reinforce sound ‘p’.

To acquaint students with spirit of Christmas, they were involved in various fun activities.

Students were involved in a collaborative exercise, wherein they painted abstract shapes on canvas with watercolours. A beautiful Christmas tree was created by cutting these paintings. Later, students decorated the tree by reusing the shapes that they coloured with oil pastels.

Students reused poinsettia flowers painted by them and created a Christmas card. They also painted a pre drawn picture of Santa using a paintbrush and red acrylic paint.

Physical education

Students practised various types of jumps to strengthen the lower body. They also participated in various activities like rolling the ball and zigzag movements, for this aimed to enhance their gross motor skills, spatial awareness and coordination.


Students loved singing Christmas carols on the microphone. They also took turns to sing the rhyme ‘Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck’ individually on the microphone. 

Dance lessons focused on revision of songs, where  students practiced repetitive movements to music. The concept of jazz and blade hands were also reinforced.


Students were encouraged to browse the class library and read picture books, for this helped in inculcating a desire to read and thereby assist in language learning.

With the onset of Christmas, students were read a  story about ‘Panda’s Christmas gifts’ authored by Tara Jaye Morrow. The story revolved around a panda who was excited to receive Christmas presents. He reminded his mom of all the things he would like to get as presents: a basketball, a tricycle, a baseball glove and board games. But he got the gift that he least expected – a wooden sailboat that his father carved just for him. This taught Panda the true spirit of Christmas and he created a thank you card for his parents with a message that his family was the best Christmas gift of all.

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