Blog –Jan 16 to Jan 24, 2020

We extend a warm welcome to all  students post the winter break. The cold winter seems to have made way for warmth with students spreading joy and cheer upon their return.

Unit of Inquiry

The unit under thetransdisciplinary theme ‘How the world works’was initiated

Central Idea –         We use different materials in our lives

Lines of Inquiry –    Properties of different materials

                                Uses of materials

                                Using materials responsibly

As a provocation, a stockpile containing various types of materials (plastic toys, glass bottles, wooden blocks, paper bags, books, fabrics etc.) from the surrounding environment was kept for exploration on a table. Students got the opportunity to play with the material, while exploring the texture, shape and trying to predict what each material was made of.

Facilitator introduced ‘wood’  as one type of material by showing different objects (like- chair, chowki, wooden tray and toys) made out of wood and asking probing questions. E.g.

  1. Where do we get wood from?
  2. How do you feel when you touch it?
  3. What are the things made from wood?

Different properties of wood were introduced through various activities:

  • Students conducted a sink and float experiment wherein they explored

how and why some objects float while others sink when placed in water. They observed and concluded that wooden object float on water.

  • Students also understood that wood is opaque and they cannot see through it by hiding behind wooden door, cupboard etc.

Circle Time

As a part of the early years’ skill-building programme, students were engaged in a wide range of activities in the class such as beading, pegging, threading, transferring with tongs and various puzzles that helped to enhance their motor skills.

Reinforcement of the Pink tower, the Brown stairs and the Long rods were also undertaken to hone their dimensional awareness and strengthen the concepts of broad to narrow, short to long, heavy and light.

SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

The students were introduced to the topic of impulse control through the game ‘Simon Says’, where they had to follow directions only when a sentence began with ‘Simon says….’. With the help of this game, students enhanced their ability to stop and think before acting and  learned to listen attentively.

 Examples where  they snatched a toy or jumped ahead in  the line etc. were also cited and students were asked to reflect and think how they could try and control their impulsive actions.


Reinforcement of sound ‘p’ was undertaken through various picture cards and objects from the class environment. Students painted the letter ‘p’ with pink on paper and associated objects like police, pig, peacock, panda, pumpkin, pillow, etc. with it by pasting them within the outline.

Reinforcement of the phonic sounds ‘a’, ‘o’, ‘l’ and ‘m’ was undertaken with a mixed pool game wherein students identified the pictures and associated them with sounds.

Unit related vocabulary (names of all the different materials like wood, plastic, metal, cloth, paper and properties of wood like it’s hard, opaque and wooden colour) were reiterated with the help of objects inside the classroom.

As a part of media literacy and integration with unit of inquiry, students viewed the following audio-visual presentations-


Prewriting skills were strengthened with the use of Montessori metal insets.

Reinforcement of different types of lines-straight, zig-zag and curved was undertaken with a craft activity wherein students pasted colourful paper punched flowers , maple leaves,crabs and stars on different lines.

Number-quantity association was reinforced through a car parking activity wherein they recognised the number written on the car and associated it with the number on the garage.

Position words like left and right were reinforced with action rhymes and through ‘smelly hand activity’ wherein baby lotion was applied on a hand and the child had to smell and identify whether it was the left or the right hand.


Art was integrated with unit of inquiry wherein students practiced the technique of wooden block printing. Use of saffron and green paint assisted them in making connection with the Indian national flag and the importance of Republic Day.

Students explored the technique of leaf printing by printing leaves collected during  nature walk.

Physical education

Students practised motor component building exercises. The essential agreements of physical education class were also reinforced during lessons.


Students sang action songs ‘Hello! How are you?’, ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ in small groups.


Dance lessons focused on revision of songs, wherein students practiced repetitive movements to music.

Basic routines of warm up and cooling down were also recapitulated.


As an integration with the unit of inquiry on ‘Materials’, students were involved in an interactive session wherein they explored the  ‘touch and feel’ of books to gain sensorial experience. They were also acquainted with related vocabulary words like soft, light, hard for this helped to  enhance their vocabulary while they associated the word to a tactile impression.

Free play

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