Blog – 10th Feb to 14th Feb

Unit of inquiry

Moving further with the unit of inquiry, students explored different objects made of plastic.A discussion about different properties of plastic (hard, colourful, waterproof) followed next.

 Students conducted a simple experiment where torch light was made to pass through different materials like wood, glass, metal etc. for this helped them to identify objects that allow light to pass through them.

Circle Time

As a part of the early years’ skill-building programme, students were engaged in a wide range of activities like beading, pegging, threading and transferring with tongs or tweezers for this aimed to refine their motor skills.

As an integration to the unit, transferring glass marbles with a spoon was also undertaken for this helped to enhance  wrist control and pincer grip.

SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

The topic of impulse control was revisited through a game called‘Traffic Lights’ where students listened to carefuly  follow the directions. E.g. run when you hear‘Green Light’, jump in one place on the call ‘Yellow Light’ and stop when you hear ‘Red Light’. Students who were unable to follow directions exited the game.

This activity encouraged them to listen and respond with careful concentration and controlled movements. The students deduced that to stay steady on their feet and to listen attentively helps  to win the game.


Sand tracing of letters was undertaken for memory mapping and as a prelude to letter writing.

Students enriched their vocabulary by learning new unit related words like sink, float, transparent, fragile, delicate, breakable, hard, half, empty, full etc.

As a part of media literacy and integration with unit of inquiry, students viewed the following audio-visual presentations-

‘Kaach Ki Kahani’

‘Kaach Ka Ped ’

(Stories were retold in English)


  • Recapitulation of numbers from 0 to 7 was undertaken through sand paper cards.
  • Number 8 was introduced with flash cards and quantity was associated with the written number.
  • The concept of full/half/empty was reinforced. Students coloured the cut-outs of glasses labelled as full/half/empty and pasted the blue paper cut outs on them to denote capacity.


Art was also integrated with language where students pasted bits of paper in different colours of the rainbow as a reinforcement of the sound ‘r’.

As an integration with the current unit, technique of glass marble printing was also introduced.

Students experienced printing with waste material to create texture. They worked with tiles, empty paint bottles, glue sticks and paint.

Physical education

Students worked on their eye hand coordination and gross motor skills by playing simple target games.

They also practiced pin jump on trampoline for this aimed to enhance their balance, posture, spatial awareness and coordination abilities.


Students sang “Hello How Are You”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Seven Continents” songs in groups with actions.

Students also applied various dynamics (loud, soft, fast and slow) to their singing.


Dance lessons focused on development of postures using a hula hoop.

Regular dance routine on ‘Chicken Dance’ and ‘Gummy Bear’ were practiced.


Students were read a picture book ‘Peck peck peck’ by author Lucy Cousins. The story revolved around an enthusiastic woodpecker who had just learned to peck. He was having so much fun in his first joyous adventure that he pecked right through a door, sneaked inside and pecked everything from the hat to the mat, the racket to the jacket, the teddy bear to a book.

Students were drawn to the bird’s exuberance for learning a new skill and the pecked holes in the book were a source of delight.

Free play

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