Blog – 25th to 29th Nov 2019

Unit of inquiry Moving ahead with the central idea, ‘People play different roles in communities to which they belong’,the gardener was introduced as a community helper. To enhance thinking, prediction, and observation skills, students were asked to observe the flowerpots and plants in and around  school. They inquired about questions like, ‘How do plants grow?’, […]

Blog – 11th to 23rd Nov 2019

Unit of inquiry Diving deeper into their understanding of the central idea, ‘People play different roles in communities to which they belong’, the carpenter was introduced as community helpers. To enhance thinking, prediction and observation skills, students were asked to observe the furniture inside their classroom (cubbies, cupboard, chairs, tables, chowkis). They inquired about questions like  ‘Who […]

Blog- Sep 30th to11th Oct 2019

Unit of inquiry Moving ahead with the current unit, students  engaged in various practical activities that helped them to probe deeper with their tactile and gustatory senses. Using their tactile sense students created sensory balloons by filling distinct textured things like kidney beans, rice, flour, sand, water, sponge and marbles into them. Subsequently, they practiced […]

Blog-23rd to Sep-27th Sep 2019

Unit of inquiry Students continued to enjoy their nature walks at school where they experienced various textures available in the garden. They collected objects like soft green leaves, rough dry leaves, coarse stones, jagged twigs, moist flowers, small grainy stones using their tactile senses. To reinforce tactile sense, an activity called ‘Feely hands’ was undertaken. […]

Blog-16th to 20th Sep 2019

Unit of inquiry Moving further with the unit on senses, the gustatory sense (sense of taste) was explored using various  solutions intended for tasting. Students were given an opportunity to taste four basic flavours: sweet (Roohafza), sour (lemonade), salty (butter milk) and bitter (decaffeinated coffee solution). A formative assessment based on olfactory sense was taken […]

Blog-26th Aug – 30th Aug 2019

Unit of Inquiry To further deepen their understanding of the ongoing unit on senses, students focussed on their sense of hearing. They listened to different musical instruments and learned about the specific sounds they produce. Further, they played the instruments (guitar, triangle bells, cymbal, rattle, mouth organ and xylophone) and compared between the sounds that each […]

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