Blog – 9th to 13th December 2019

Unit of inquiry

As an extension to the understanding of community helpers, students were introduced to firefighters as people who help us. Audio-visual cues and nomenclature flash cards were used to familiarize them with the uniform and tools (hose, axe, fire extinguisher and the ladder) used by firefighters during a fire outbreak.

Students went for a walk around the school premises to spot all the fire safety equipment. They were also shown the fire evacuation plan for their floor and fire alarm bell installed in the school lobby.

Keeping in mind the precautionary measures to be taken in the event of fire, students learned the ‘stop, drop and roll’ drill.

They also fixed jigsaw puzzles related to various community helpers and  tools associated with them.

Circle time

As a part of the early year’s skill-building programme, students were introduced to wet and dry pouring activities, that aided to  enhance their self-management skills, eye hand co-ordination and fine motor skills.

  • Transferring of solids from one container to another.
  • Transferring water from one container to another container using a funnel.
  • Transferring water from a jug into 3 different graded containers.

Ringing in the spirit of the festival, students assembled and embellished Christmas trees using manipulative material.

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

Students were shown an audio-visual presentation that highlighted  kindness of Lord Rama towards the squirrel from the Ramayan:

Students identified the deed of kindness and understood that no task or service, however small, is unimportant. They brainstormed and shared their thoughts on little acts of help or kindness shown by their classmates, housekeeping staff, guards, chefs, teachers, drivers, parents etc.  and learnt to appreciate and be thankful to one another. Encouraging children to be grateful and thankful for little acts of kindness regularly, help them to grow into mindful and compassionate individuals. An interconnected paper kindness chain was made and displayed in class.


Reinforcement of the phonic sounds of previously learned letters was undertaken with a mixed pool game using picture cards. Students identified the pictures and associated them with sounds.

Unit related vocabulary (names of all community helpers like doctor, policeman, fire fighter, gardener, chef, housekeeping, carpenter, sweeper etc.) were reiterated with the help of pictures, story books and rhymes like ‘Hurry-hurry!! drive the fire truck’, ‘Miss Molly had a dolly’, ‘Found a peanut’ etc.

Students enjoyed audio visual presentations on Christmas and have begun to  sing Christmas carols.


Sequence of events in a day (morning, afternoon, evening and night) was introduced using flash cards.

Numbers 1 – 6 were reiterated  with quantity association with a bottle spraying activity- the students were assigned a random number (between 1-6), they first identified the number printed on the laminated paper flame and sprayed water while counting the number assigned on it.

As a prelude to writing, students created various shapes using drawing insets.

The concept of shapes was reinforced, where in students outlined different shapes using colourful pebbles.


Art was integrated with Math and the current unit, where students created a fire truck by assembling various shapes (rectangle, square, and circle) and flames created with their handprints. This also helped in reinforcing sound ‘f’.

Connecting to the current unit, students listened to a story ‘Danny goes to the Dentist’ and observed its images. By relating to it, students coloured a pre drawn picture of a Doctor.

Physical education

Students were engaged in fun races, for this helped them to learn different terminology and the basic skill of running on the track. It also drove their individual participation spirit.


Students sang ‘Jingle Bells’ in English and in Hindi. They also learned how to sing ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and sang it with actions.


Dance lessons focused on development of postures, where in students practiced repetitive movements to music. The concept of meditation and cooling down were also reinforced.


Students were read a story about animal manners authored by Sam Lloyd. ‘Yucky mucky manners’, a book with simple but coloured and eye-catching pictures caught their interest. Through the story, they walked through a jungle wherein animals like the gorilla poked his finger up his nose, a zebra chewed for hours at an end, a parrot simply squawked and never let others talk, a flamingo sneezed but never covered her mouth, hippos pushed and shoved, a warthog never cleaned himself and an elephant trumped, jumped and pumped . Recognition of various animal behaviour enabled the fawn students to understand types of behaviours that were inconsiderate and disrespectful to others. The lesson for them … we should always be mindful and considerate and facilitate a positive  environment.

Free play

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