Blog 2nd March – 6th March 2020

Unit of inquiry Students explored different objects made from paper, for example chart paper, crepe paper, handmade paper, books, cardboard, kite paper, tissue paper, golden sheets etc.  The absorbent property of tissue paper was also demonstrated with a simple experiment. Students participated in basic paper folding activity where they learned about the four quadrants designed […]

Blog – 24th Feb to 28th Feb

Unit of inquiry Students were given opportunities to explore different objects made of fabric like soft toys, hand puppets, cloth bags, uniform- jacket, shirt, handkerchief, hand towel, blankets etc. Students were also introduced to different types of fabrics such as jute, cotton, silk, velvet and wool that they touched to get a feel of its […]

Blog -17th Feb to 20th Feb

Unit of inquiry Going further, students investigated what makes a material  waterproof. A simple experiment   was conducted where they dipped soft toys wrapped in different packing materials like foil, paper, plastic, fabric etc. in water. Students observed and found out that plastic and foil was  waterproof . They displayed their understanding through illustrations. Students conducted […]

Blog – 10th Feb to 14th Feb

Unit of inquiry Moving further with the unit of inquiry, students explored different objects made of plastic.A discussion about different properties of plastic (hard, colourful, waterproof) followed next.  Students conducted a simple experiment where torch light was made to pass through different materials like wood, glass, metal etc. for this helped them to identify objects […]

Blog – 3rd Feb to 7th Feb

Unit of inquiry Moving further with the unit of inquiry, properties of glass (fragile, transparent, delicate etc.)  were introduced through display of different glass objects. A class discussion followed later. Students went on a nature walk within the school campus and observed objects made of glass, wood, metal and plastic.  They further inquired into different […]

Blog 27th to 31st January

Unit of inquiry Taking the unit further, students were given opportunities to explore objects made from different materials. They also inquired into different properties of metal (hard, shiny, opaque etc.) and wood (hard, floats, opaque etc.) by conducting simple experiments. Students investigated how and why different objects get attracted to a magnet. Students also understood […]

Blog – 16th to 21st December 2019

Unit of inquiry People play different roles in communities to which they belong’, saw students being introduced to the policemen this week as persons who help us. They were familiarized with their uniform and objects associated with them e.g. pistol, handcuffs etc. with picture cards and an audio visual Young Fawns were also informed […]

Blog – 9th to 13th December 2019

Unit of inquiry As an extension to the understanding of community helpers, students were introduced to firefighters as people who help us. Audio-visual cues and nomenclature flash cards were used to familiarize them with the uniform and tools (hose, axe, fire extinguisher and the ladder) used by firefighters during a fire outbreak. Students went for […]

Blog 17 – 2nd to 6th December 2019

Unit of inquiry Moving further with the central idea, ‘People play different roles in communities to which they belong’, a chef/baker was introduced as a community helper. Students were shown various tools and utensils used by the chef for cooking or baking of products. Later, students were introduced to new vocabulary words like spatula, rolling […]

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